Simon Hatchard-Parr

Simon has a comprehensive background as a healer and therapist with diplomas in analytical psychology and a Masters degree in Psychotherapy and Healing. His passion, however, is painting and he has stepped away from psychology now to paint full time.

“My background has been an integral part of my artistic development. I love the rich and powerful landscapes of the Heath around Hampstead aswell as Parliament Hill and my work is about trying to capture the simple richness of light and colour that exists so close to the city.” 

His work is an accurate depiction of the undergrowth as well as the forestscapes that can be found near Parliament Hill and Kenwood House. Simon paints the majority of his work in situ which allows for a freshness to exude from his pieces of art, making one feel as though they are truly within the depths of North-West London's natural beauty.


A Blaze of Autumn Colour, 2017 - Acrylic on canvas (50 x 50 cm)

City Under Sky, 2017 - Acrylic on canvas (105 x 75 cm)

A Fabulous Tree North of Spaniards Lane,  2017 - Acrylic on canvas (40 x 40 cm)



Hampstead Pond Early Spring, 2017 - Acrylic on canvas (125 x 150 cm)

Kenwood Grounds, 2017 - Acrylic on board (30 x 30 cm)

Autumn Leaves on Fire, 2017 - Acrylic on canvas (70 x 90 cm)