Richard McVetis

Having received a Masters in Constructed Textiles from The Royal College of Art (2006-08), British artist Richard McVetis has seen success both artistically and commercially, recently exhibiting in the celebrated Cheongju International Craft Biennale in South Korea. His works have also been exhibited in Wayne Art Center (USA), V.M. Gallery (Pakistan), Bílskúrsgallerý (Iceland) and Clotsworthy House Art Centre (Ireland), as well as in group shows in France and Ukraine. 

Known for his meticulously embroidered drawings and sculptures his artistic practice centres on traditional hand stitch techniques and mark making. Using laboured and meticulously worked wools and multiples of embroidered dots and crosses, he explores the similarities between pen on paper and thread on fabric.

His works focus on the concept of the repetitive nature of process and the passing of time. By exploring the way time and place are felt, experienced and constructed the artist tries to materialize time and make it to a tactile object. 

Exhibited Works