Rachel Dein

Kitchen Garden - Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons (Detail), Plaster, clay, 60 x 100 x 2.5cm

London based artist Rachel Dein studied Fine Art at Middlesex University and has carried out a prop making apprenticeship at the English National Opera. Rachel’s work evolved from the old tradition of nature printing, the technique of using the surface of a natural object to make a print.
She makes plaster casts of plants and flowers that record all their texture, pattern, and delicacy in exquisite details. Her composition can be as simple as a single stem or as complex as a field of wildflowers, leaves, and grasses. Combining her fascination with plants and sculpture—the works of Rodin and Andy Goldsworthy are her favorites—Rachel’s floral castings are tactile and sculptural. Flowers and foliage are arranged and pressed onto wet clay. A wooden frame is then placed on the clay and the plaster is poured in and allowed to set.
Previous projects include the Royal Opera House, English National opera, the Globe theatre, Selfridges Christmas windows and Rothschild Villa, Corfu.

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