Lottie Stoddart

Lottie Stoddart's practice centres around the profane; rhythms, patterns and objects of the apparently mundane, everyday and marginal. Inspired by Christian icons, the shrines and venerated trees of India (Royal Drawing School, IIFA) and her residency at Westminster Abbey, Lottie reexamines the sacred and profane, dressing one up to resemble another. Lottie's most recent work, her painted sculpture, explores self-contained spaces that might resemble a shrine or places of significance but are reconstructed from memory and drawings. 

Lottie studied on the Drawing Year at the Royal Drawing School graduating in 2015. Previously she received a bachelors degree in English Literature at the University of Warwick. 

She has work in both public and private collections; including The Royal Collection, Sir Michael Moritz Collection, Dumfries House Estate Collection and ST Gallery Tokyo.

Grin and Bare It,  Oil on board  23 x 28 cm,  £550

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