Karl Renner

A collection of original drawings inspired by buildings and landscapes, gardens, light and clouds

Born in Lancashire in 1952, Karl Renner trained as an architect. In recent years he has created works using graphite on paper, developing a technique that is far from the standard use of pencil as a line instrument, the medium instead acting texturally and with an almost sculptural quality.

“I have always responded to buildings, textures, the play of light and shade across surfaces, the way that structures sit in landscapes and gardens, and on a wider scale, the pattern of clouds in skies and the play of reflections in water. These concerns have fed into the artworks which I have created and exhibited over many years.”

Leaf (2018), Graphite on paper, 60cm x 85cm, £1450.

Catedral de Barcelona (2013), Graphite on paper, 42cm x 29.7cm, £595.

Lake Garda (2013), Graphite on paper, 42cm x 29.7cm, £595.