James Lamerton

James Lamerton is an artist, musician and guitar designer based in London. His work incorporates traditional design with ethically sourced taxidermy, and explores nature, beauty and shamanism. All of his guitars are handcrafted locally by expert luthiers to ensure the sound reflects their quality.

Black Laotica is an acrylic guitar with an encapsulated Laotian forest scorpion. It combines elegance and aggression in both its aesthetic and sound. In Safra, Morpho butterfly specimens are incased in an acrylic guitar body. The butterfly wings shimmer between turquoise, electric blue and deep purple. The acrylic body and traditional wooden neck create a long sustain and bring out all of the rich tones and character of the hand wound pickups.

The acrylic body is CNC machined then sanded and polished by hand to achieve a smooth, curved top. The neck is crafted by hand by expert luthiers, then carefully set up to ensure a low action.  

Black Laotica