On An Archaeological Dig From The History Of Our Future

13 September - 06 October 2018


Featuring: Vincent C. L. Jö - Nés

Rising Stars: Emily Theodore, Richard Counsell, Ania Twarog, Nick Solonair

This exhibition explores Futurist Art and aims to celebrate the modern world of industry, innovation and technology. The show brings together artworks by 5 artists who practice with widely varied mediums from glass art to lenticular portraits to junk technology. It is our aim during this exhibition to channel and attract creativity from other forward thinking, like-minded individuals.

For this exhibition, it shall be portrayed as if visitors are on an archaeological exploration, there to discover the realities of what once were yesterday’s imaginations, walking past piles of junk & rubbish, cast-ways of  end-of-life electronic equipment.

Walking further into the gallery some of the blinking lights & sputtering motors poking out from the broken electronic junk and found household objects destined to fill another rubbish bin headed towards yet another land fill. As one ventures further into the Gallery, pieces of junk start to evolve into something not quite recognizable...strangely familiar.

Deeper into the gallery space, the art of up-cycling technology takes even more shape and walking around the gallery there are to be seen; with a cautious eye, well placed signs stating: "Please do NOT push this BIG RED BUTTON.” Well, would you push the button(s)? ? ?

And so, begins the adventures of an art exhibition un-like any other; where the visitors curiosity becomes a functional part of recognizing that...JUNK IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE!!!