Gabriella Jeans

Gabriella Jeans was born in London. As part of her degree in Art. she currently studies at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in Australia.  She has had work shown in several exhibitions in London, Newcastle, and Montpelier, France and most recently a private collector from Milan has also began to acquire her work.

Gabriella works across a wide range of art forms including painting, performance, drawing, film and animation. Her work plays with ideas of space and time, often responding to topics found in theoretical physics, astrophysics and the supernatural. Her most recent collection of work features the study of  portals which have all been hand-drawn. Their subtle asymmetric layout is an effort by the artist in order to disorientate the viewer.  

Portal 7, 2015-16 - Pencil on paper

Portals 1/2/3, 2016 - Pencil on paper