'The opening of the Daniel Raphael Gallery is a breath of fresh air'

Daniel Raphael
Review: Launch Exhibition
By Christopher Ansell

The opening of the Daniel Raphael gallery is a breath of fresh air in a climate currently polluted by political turmoil and the ever present threat of further cuts to the arts. Nestled among the prestigious antiques galleries of Church Street, Daniel Raphael presents a bright opportunity for contemporary artists and collectors alike. 

At a lively and popular private view on March 9th the gallery unveiled the work of the seven artists.

Among the artists is Victoria Young Jamieson whose vibrant mixed media works appear as portholes to brighter worlds. Inspired by her childhood home of Cornwall, Young Jamieson’s work combines ink with resin to capture the serene beauty and unique light of the Cornish coastline.

The soft, flowing lines of Young Jamieson’s wall-mounted works, stand in striking contrast to Daniel Davidson’s geometric sculptures. Recollecting the constructivist works of Naum Gabo, Davidsson employs concrete and metal to produce beautifully elegant structures that harness the inherent properties of the materials. Davidsson’s Integration (2017) is a particularly sophisticated piece with the simplicity of its formal qualities emphasising the gentle collision between steel and concrete.

The landscape paintings of Simon Hatchard-Parr attracted those with more traditional tastes. Evoking an impressionist style, Hatchard-Parr’s paintings captured the light and colour so typical of London’s park landscapes. With an autumnal palette, his paintings invite the spectator to wander through the reflections in the bodies of water so deftly depicted. 

The work of Madeleine Gardiner, Oliver Needs, Gabriella Jeans and Royal Academy graduate Audrey Dangoor, whose sculptures dominate the front of the gallery, complete the current collection. 

Elegantly curated, the gallery’s debut exhibition successfully brings together an eclectic collection of artists. Currently showcasing the work of its contemporary artists, Daniel Raphael’s maiden exhibition offers Londoners an exciting opportunity to purchase the work of some of Britain’s most promising artists. 

Daniel Raphael’s launch exhibition runs until March 31st 2017.

Ansell is an artist and writer currently working in Oxford.  

Victoria Young Jamieson - The Face of The Other Art Fair

Victoria is getting busy in London! Her works are currently on show at the Daniel Raphael Gallery (10 March - 31 March 2017) and at The Other Art Fair (30 March - 2 April 2017). She will be presented by SAATCHI ART alongside 130 of the best emerging artists, all handpicked by a committee of art industry experts.



We got some help on board!

Today is Jennifer's first day! Studying Modern Art, with a keen interest in galleries worldwide, she has agreed to help out at Daniel Raphael. Charming, knowledgeable and a positive attitude, just what we need. 

Paint Job

Today the boys were on location revamping Daniel Raphael. We have chosen the colour scheme for the walls, staircase, skirting boards and most excitingly the store front! We hope you will enjoy!