Lily Kemp's paintings explore alternative narratives around how women’s bodies are portrayed and consumed in Western art history and visual culture, especially in response to how women’s bodies are often sexualised through a racialized lense that is exotizing, fetishizing and othering.

Kemp's process includes repurposing found imagery from fashion magazines and using collage to re-represent them in often agricultural/industrial work contexts. Collage plays a central role in her art practice and the landscapes that the figures inhabit are imagined spaces created from collaging together images from mass media along with the artist's own photography and childhood inspirations.


Selected exhibitions include a solo presentation with Galeria Duarte Sequeira, ARCO Madrid (2021); Get a Load of This!, Daniel Raphael Gallery, London (2021); Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2020, South London Gallery, London (2021); That’s How The Light Gets In, AucArt Virtual Gallery (2020); Herstory - Women in Art, Maddox Gallery, London (2020).

  • Lily Kemp, Dreaming in Gold, 2021
    Lily Kemp
    Dreaming in Gold, 2021
    Acrylic on canvas
    121 x 91 cm