Alejandro Pasquale Argentinian, b. 1984


Magic as the central theme; the mask as a constant trap; play as the perfect script; nature as the absolute answer. Pasquale's works engage with these axes producing a visual challenge for the viewer.

For Alejandro Pasquale, the mask is a symbol of escape: a liberation that enables a detachment from reality into a timeless space of one's own imagination. This experience of escape is depicted in an idealised form of nature. His paintings are inspired by rituals and the use of ancient medicinal plants native to South America. The viewer is privy to the eyes of the otherwise masked characters. There is a meditative state suggested by the eyes, mesmerised by unknown beauty, or closed as if dreaming. The figures remain still, standing in neutral poses, ensuring the viewer has little insight into the emotional state of the depicted figure.

  • Alejandro Pasquale, La mágia entre nosotros, 2020
    Alejandro Pasquale
    La mágia entre nosotros, 2020
    Oil on linen
    120 x 100 cm
    £ 6,800.00
  • Alejandro Pasquale, La fuerza, 2019
    Alejandro Pasquale
    La fuerza, 2019
    Oil on canvas
    86 x 75 x 7 cm
  • Alejandro Pasquale, Las leyes naturales, 2020
    Alejandro Pasquale
    Las leyes naturales, 2020
    Oil on canvas
    140 x 110 cm
  • Alejandro Pasquale, Breve encuentro con la verdad, 2021
    Alejandro Pasquale
    Breve encuentro con la verdad, 2021
    Oil on canvas
    120 x 120 cm